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Let me tell you bit about making beats writing all types of songs and post it online.

When I first get the Hong how to used the worldwide web life become more exciting for me because I am from the  old school back then we have no internet connection all we have videos tape to watch to sell your music and instrumental someone have to reorganize your talent or recommend you to an artists or producer that interested buying beats. I strongly believe internet save Artist and producer open source of opportunity to promote your creativity in all different categories.

When you are trying to make changes with your self-confidence is one of the most important thought one must keep in mind everyday life turn itself into all different types of life experiences especially when you are  interested in what you are working on.

 I set my mind to understand the internet how it works tools I need to reach fans know what other race of people think of my music and instrumental. 

For one month I create beats written songs post it on Facebook,Twitter,other social platforms I try all different types of way to know what people think of my work I when as for to create  website post content to get the world Attention as I dig into digital business I learn everything we are doing on the internet controls.

Intelligence officials have the privilege to stall and sabotage everything online. Selling your music or beats online take money and hold lot of patience big company have  traffic base all the know how to deal with consumers. Most big search engines keeps out the little company if you don’t know how to set up your website the right way your website will be online but not visible to the search engine.

All Artist and producer must take time out to learn how to set up their Blog and website.

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