Reggae Artists Hop Star And Corrupt Government my Life Experiences

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If you have high hopes to make it as a hip hop or reggae star in Today’s society it is a trate to corrupt Government believe or not from my twenty years of studying the behavior of independent artists like myself I notice we are facing a tremendous of tradition fight in the ghetto worldwide.

 If you stop on,do some serious thinking about every Artist that rises from the ghetto worldwide what you will learn some lost their family get shots up sick crippled people who they grow up with turns on them.

When I was younger,I see a lot of underground stars die from the heart attack or gun violence, backing does day no social media to share you Sounds I spend most of my time making music for underground Dancehall DJ in Jamaica queens the name of the studio was sambal Vp records label just up the block from it on jamaica Avenue.

Any famous, reggae artists come to a America backing 90, know about original Records and Vp.What I found out me no New York reggae star make it to the big times, where I was, only one get sing to big labels G street records the promotion was not strong enough.

I strongly believe that a group of people controlling music industry and they are keeping eye on us artist and producer, the way we upload music or video or anything we are doing constantly if you know about timelines you will understand what is going on and wry you must be careful continue working on your Dreams.

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