Reggae Artists Hop Star And Corrupt Government my Life Experiences

If you have high hopes to make it as a hip hop or reggae star in Today’s society it is a trate to corrupt Government believe or not from my twenty years of studying the behavior of independent artists like myself I notice we are facing a tremendous of tradition fight in the ghetto worldwide.  If you stop on,do some serious thinking about every Artist that rises from the ghetto worldwide what you will learn some lost their family get shots up sick crippled people who they grow Continue Reading

Other Side of The music Business All Artist and producer Website music and instrumental

Let me tell you bit about making beats writing all types of songs and post it online. When I first get the Hong how to used the worldwide web life become more exciting for me because I am from the  old school back then we have no internet connection all we have videos tape Continue Reading

Exclusive Music beats for Sale YOU Want More

Exclusive beats for Sale roots reggae hip hop dancehall soca independent sound and music all in one place. most of my creative work in America remix by underground artists. people in the jamaica queens tells that government used police recording artists to do over my instrumental. Each day i create Continue Reading